IoT Web App Design

Complete design of an IoT platform for security systems
“416 helped us not only to identify and define the requirements for a very complex system, but also design workflows that are intuitive to users”
416 helped eSmart Systems to design and develop their groundbreaking Physical Access Control and Indoor Positioning System (PACIPS) application. 416 defined and designed all the different views and workflows required to onboard and operationalize the PACIPS security systems.

eSmart Systems is an Embedded Products and IoT Solutions company. Their Wireless Physical Access Control and Real Time Indoor Location System (RTLS) in one is an end to end solution for diverse use-cases.

PACIPS IoT Platform is the heart of the System and gives complete Physical Access Control & Indoor Positioning Solution (RTLS) based on Internet of Things (IoT) Technology.

Hosted in the Cloud or On-Premises, it manages always ON subscriptions, Visitor / Contractor / Asset Life Cycle Monitoring, Full Feature Wireless Physical Access, Visitor Management & Indoor Positioning of Assets or Personnel.

Clients can simplify their smart card based physical access control deployment by using PACIPS Platform with the wireless readers and locks. Clients can eliminate expensive wiring costs and begin enrolling 100s of doors and 1000's of people & assets.

Within PACIPS, users can create and define areas to track Assets, Visitors or Contractors with +/- 0.5 m accuracy indoors. They can also get near real time visual feedback and build limitless use cases in Retail, Warehousing, Education, Healthcare etc.

Users can generate real time heatmaps, analyze traffic within the premises, checkout the Dwell Time and Flow Rates in your premises. They can also dive further into data and dissect data based on time, gender, events, etc.

Users can also control all connected devices from the platform, whether it is to update the firmware remotely, reboot/restart the devices or perform remote diagnostics. All key devices and application transactions are logged with simple search & dashboard.

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