Analytics Dashboard Design & Development

Custom dashboard design and development for smart meter platform
“416 is at the conjunction of design and analytics.”
416 worked with Median Energy to develop and implement a custom embedded analytics platform for their Automated Metering infrastructure (AMI) solution. User adoption increased by 90% when compared to previous vendors.

Mediant Energy is a specialized energy metering device and software manufacturer supplying leading utilities and DISCOMs in South East Asian countries. From software tools like business Intelligence dashboards and deep data analytics to hardware like smart meters and asset health sensors, Mediant Energy aims to provide a cradle to cradle solutions under their ‘Continuum of AMI’ vision.

416 was engaged by Mediant Energy to help design and develop embedded analytics dashboards for multiple user personas for their smart meter utility platform. This platform was focussed on a LORAWAN based metering network being implemented by the incumbent energy retailer in India. The following dashboards were identified:

  • ‘At a glance’ dashboard
  • Asset health management
  • Central control panel
  • Tamper detect system
  • Utility GIS (Geographic Information System)
  • Peak Demand Analysis
  • Outage Management System
  • Reliability Indices
  • Customer data query tool

With the help of end user interviews, 416 helped Mediant identify requirements for the dashboard. Using a custom embedded analytics product, 416 developed dashboards and supported integration and rollout of the AMI application. 416 also designed user training and self serve analytics tools for subsequent implementations.

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