Mobile App design

iOS and Android app design for next-gen Bluetooth tracker
"We are extremely happy with 416’s designs and impressed by their technical knowledge"
416 was recently engaged by My TAG to develop a new app for their upcoming Bluetooth tracker. 416 helped My TAG design, develop and launch a new app across platforms.

MyTAG App works with Bluetooth Low energy Tags and it is ideal for tracking of personal assets like the key rings, hand bag, mobile phone, pets, child or luggage etc  Tags constantly advertise their presence which is read by mobile device using this App. The app supports multiple Tags to allow the user to Tag multiple objects which can be selectively turned on or off.

BT 100 has a Buzzer for Audio alerts, LED for visual indication and a Multi-function button to switch the Tag on or off or to ping Mobile phone running the MyTAG App

Available Features:

Away Mode: When Away Mode is set, the MyTAG App will notify if a user's Tagged Asset moves away from the user.. This can come in handy when someone tries to steal the asset or the user forgets it.

Approach Mode: When Approach Mode is set, the MyTAG App will notify the user if the Tagged Asset arrives in range of the Mobile Device. This can be used for example when the user’ s checked-in baggage arrives at the carousel when the user arrives at the destination airport.

Buzz Mobile: Short Press the button on the TAG and it pages the user’s Mobile instantly! This can be used in cases when the user cannot find the phone or if someone steals it.

Map Location: The App keeps track of the Tag continuously. All Location data is stored locally and not shared. Should the user forget the asset somewhere, Just check on the Map to know the last known location!

Other Features: Flexible Range Settings. Choose between Long Range of up to 10-12 meters or Short Range up to 1-3 meters when the user wants to keep the asset close.

Flexible Beep Frequency: Choose longer emitted signal interval for longer battery life or shorter interval should the user want quicker monitoring.

Safe Zones: Users will be able to set safe zones such as their home or office in order to avoid unwanted notifications. 

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